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Harris' House of Henna & Body Art

Here at Harris' House of Henna & Body Art, we use high quality body art products and we use only the freshest, natural henna powder available. We hand mix the paste ourselves with lemon juice, sugar, and fragrant essential oils such as Cajeput or Lavender for pregnant women. We are PPD free henna artists and do not condone the use of Black Henna!!

Henna is NOT black! If someone offers you something called "Black Henna", it is NOT henna. The black dye is probably para-phenylenediamine, also known as PPD, and can hurt you. Pure natural henna is SAFE. Pure henna has been used for thousands of years and is one of the safest things you can put on your skin, and reactions are very unusual. Our henna contains NO chemical dyes, preservatives or additives and is generally safe for use during pregnancy and with children. Henna should NOT be used on infants, or children known to have G6PD deficiency. Please consult with your doctor first if you have any concerns. 

Link for more information about the dangers of Black Henna:

We are a family friendly company who love to do anything that will help our community and the individuals who live in it. Currently we are working with Here for the Girls (Beyond Boobs & Pink Link) in Williamsburg, VA to do our part to help individuals who are going through cancer treatment by donating our time at charity events, retreats, & conferences.  

About the artist:

Wendy Harris has loved art ever since she was young and has had been doing a variety of body art for the last 12 years. She started off taking a variety of art classes as a teenager and then eventually began working as a artist for Kaman's Art Shoppes in Busch Gardens. There she practiced henna body art, face painting, airbrush tattoos, glitter & hand-painted tattoos, and hair wrapping. She also worked as a clown doing face painting and balloon animals for a well known clown company.

She is a wife & mother of two. Also when shes not sharing the magic of henna and body art, she donates her time volunteering as a Girl Scout troop leader. Fashion is also something Wendy loves!! She strives to bring mehndi body art to the fashion world by hosting local henna fashion shows. The shows showcase Wendy's latest designs and are modeled by some of the beautiful women in her community! They get a chance to be a henna diva while strutting it down the catwalk showing off their fabulous body art!  

Wendy attends annual henna conferences all over the US to get one on one training from henna masters and to get inspired.